Wall mounted bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet with mirror the best honeycomb aluminum bathroom furniture

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Style: New style custom bathroom vanity

Material: Honeycomb aluminum with thickness 18mm

Available Basin cabinet size: 60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm

When it comes to creating a stylish and functional bathroom, the right Bathroom furniture can make all the difference. Among the essential pieces, a bathroom cabinet with mirror and wall mounted vanities are must-haves. These pieces not only provide storage but also enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. If you are looking for the best options, look no further than our high-quality bathroom cabinet with mirror, the best wall-mounted vanities, and perfect bathroom furniture.



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Brand: Guliduo
Item number: GLD-6901
Color: Off-white
Material: Aluminum +Ceramic top and ceramic basin
Main cabinet dimensions: 600x480x500mm
Mirror cabinet dimensions: 600x700x130mm
Mounting Type: Wall mounted
Included components: Main cabinet, mirror cabinet, ceramic basin
Number of Drawers: 1

Short Description

Style: New style custom bathroom vanity

Material: Honeycomb aluminum

Available Basin cabinet size: 60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm

Price:Fob Guangzhou $90-$150

Introducing the Ultimate Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet and Medicine Cabinet with Mirror: The Best in Honeycomb Aluminum Bathroom Furniture.

Are you tired of cluttered countertops and limited storage space in your bathroom? Look no further. We present to you our revolutionary wall mounted bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet with mirror - the ultimate solution for your bathroom storage needs.



1.Made from high-quality and durable aluminum profiles and honeycomb aluminum, this bathroom furniture is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

2.With a size of 600x480x500mm, our bathroom cabinet is perfectly suited for common bathrooms. Its moderate size strikes the right balance - not too big, not too small.

3.Equipped with large size drawers, it provides ample storage space to neatly organize all your bathroom essentials. The invisible handle adds a touch of elegance, making it both beautiful and convenient.

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4.Featuring a ceramic basin with a seamlessly spliced rock slab countertop, our bathroom cabinet not only exudes beauty but also ensures easy cleaning and hygienic conditions.

5.The countertop, made of slate, offers high hardness, scratch resistance, zero penetration, and high temperature resistance. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and difficult cleaning routines.

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6.The structural layout of our bathroom cabinet is designed with a strong sense of line, presenting a simple, elegant, and fashionable look. The youthful and dynamic design concept outlines a high-end design with simple lines, creating a natural and inviting bathroom space.

7.The elegant off-white color enhances the visual impact of the space, providing a striking and sophisticated finishing touch.

8.Easy installation is guaranteed with our lightweight design. You can have your bathroom cabinet up and ready in no time.

9.This wall mounted bathroom cabinet doubles as a medicine storage cabinet, equipped with a mirror for your daily use.

10.Worried about children accidentally taking medicine? Simply close the door of the mirror cabinet and eliminate any concerns. The mirror cabinet also includes an open storage compartment, perfect for storing frequently used items like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

11.Versatile and practical, our wall mounted bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet with mirror add both beauty and functionality to your bathroom space. Choose a wall-mounted style to effortlessly clean your floors and create a seamless and clutter-free bathroom experience.

In conclusion, our wall mounted bathroom cabinet and medicine cabinet with mirror are simply the best honeycomb aluminum bathroom furniture available on the market. The combination of durability, functionality, and style makes it an essential addition to any bathroom. Upgrade your bathroom storage today and enjoy a clutter-free and organized space like never before.

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