Stylish and functional 60 inch bathroom vanity and blue bathroom vanity with illuminated mirrors

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Brand: Guliduo
Item number: GLD-6101
Color:  Blue
Material: Aluminum +Sintered stone + ceramic basin
Main cabinet dimensions: 1500x520x400mm
Mirror : 1500x700mm
Mounting Type: Wall mounted
Included components: Main cabinet, mirror
Number of Drawer: 2

blue bathroom vanity, 60 inch bathroom vanity, illuminated mirrors


Introducing the perfect combination of style and functionality: our 60 inch blue bathroom vanity with illuminated mirrors. This high-end, atmospheric piece is perfect for modern bathrooms, boasting a large main cabinet size of 1500x520x400mm. 


●The blue tone of the cabinet is fresh and atmospheric, making it the perfect addition to any bathroom.
●Meanwhile, the countertop is made from sintered stone in sapphire color, which is both beautiful and practical. This premium material is easy to clean and more hygienic than other options, making it a must-have for any modern bathroom.
●A standout feature of this blue bathroom vanity is the use of top-quality materials throughout. The cabinet structure itself is made with aluminum profile and honeycomb aluminum, making it moisture-proof, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain.
●The cabinet body and countertop are both made of sintered stone, which is wear-resistant, easy to clean, hygienic, and free from harmful substances.
●What's more, the sintered stone has NSF food grade surface certification, making it waterproof, zero penetration, and extremely durable. This means that even if cosmetics are placed on the slate countertop, there's no need to worry about unsightly stains or damage.
●As well as being highly practical, the slate used in this bathroom vanity is also characterized by high temperature resistance. This means that even under high-temperature combustion, it will not release any toxic gases or odors, ensuring your bathroom remains safe and pleasant at all times.
●In terms of storage, the main cabinet has two drawers, which are convenient for keeping all of your bathroom essentials neatly organized.
●The illuminated mirrors with LED lights are another standout feature of this 60 inch bathroom vanity, providing added convenience, practicality and beauty.
●Our 60 inch blue bathroom vanity is built to last, with no yellowing or fading over time. In terms of style and functionality, it's hard to beat the high-quality selection of materials and attention to detail that make up this stunning piece.
●In conclusion, if you're looking for a stylish and functional bathroom vanity with some unique features, our 60 inch blue bathroom vanity with illuminated mirrors is definitely worth considering. Beautifully designed and expertly crafted from premium materials, it's sure to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.


Q: Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A:As one of the largest aluminum cabinet factories in Guangdong, we are well positioned to offer you high-quality products at reasonable prices. Aluminum cabinets are a promising choice in the market, as they are rust-free, emit zero formaldehyde, and have a long lifespan. We don't just sell you the product—we work closely with you to help you expand your business.

Q:What is the thickness of the sintered stone?

A: The thickness of the sintered stone is 6mm

Q:What is the advantage of sintered stone vanity?

A:Never rust, never moisture, and never swelling, a bathroom vanity that can last for more than 20years.

Q:Is your factory able to design our own package and help us in marketing planning?

A:We have a dedicated design team that specializes in creating custom packaging designs. Our team can collaborate closely with you to ensure that your packaging stands out in the market. Additionally, we have over 16 years of experience in producing and selling our products, and we're confident that we can provide valuable insights to help with your marketing planning.


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