Tips for Bathroom Storage and Organization

The first step to bringing order to a disorganized small bathroom is making sure that every single item has a designated spot.
In today’s fast-paced world, the layout of the bathroom is often overlooked. After moving in for a period of time, you may find that the bathroom counter is cluttered with various bottles and cans, and the toilet tank is covered with towels. It can feel like the space is being suffocated by clutter.
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However, there are solutions to this problem, especially for small-sized bathrooms. Here are 8 tips to make your bathroom space feel larger and more organized.

Tip 1: Reserve a layer under the basin
If your bathroom space is small and you prefer a more concise style, adding a layer under the basin and make sure to use storage boxes for classified storage, this will gives the space a refreshing and light look while maintaining cleanliness.
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Tip 2: Add drawers under the bathroom cabinet
There are two types of bathroom cabinets – traditional floor-standing and floating vanity. Both can be used for storage, but traditional floor-standing cabinets offer more storage space. Consider equipping a floor-standing cabinet with three layers of drawers to store various items. Floating vanity, on the other hand, have the advantage of being more hygienic at the bottom. These cabinets can also be equipped with two layers of drawers, providing convenient storage.
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Tip 3: Bathroom Cabinet with small side-drawer
Another useful storage solution is the use of small side-drawer in the bathroom cabinets. The side-drawer allows for easy organization and quick access to items such as towels, toilet paper, and toiletries.This is a perfect way to store various small items. It is a practical and visually appealing way to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.
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Tips 4: Install a high cabinet
For those with larger bathroom cabinet spaces, it is worth considering installing a high cabinet. A high cabinet provides ample storage space and can be customized to accommodate items such as spare shampoo and cosmetics. It is recommended to incorporate a pull out drawer design for the high cabinet, particularly on the top shelf, as this will make it more convenient to store and access skin care products.
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Tips 5: Install a mirror cabinet
Consider installing a bathroom mirror cabinet above your bathroom cabinet. This not only provides an additional storage option but also serves a functional purpose. A mirror cabinet can be used to store smaller items such as medication or cosmetics, while also providing a mirror for daily grooming routines.
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Tips 6:Add storage shelf on the door panel
In order to keep the bathroom neat and organized, it is essential to utilize the storage space efficiently. One effective way to achieve this is by using storage shelf on the door panel of the mirror. Additionally, the mirror cabinet can be utilized to store various bottles and cans, ensuring that the countertop of the bathroom cabinet remains clutter-free.
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Tips 7:Making full use of the space above the toilet
To further optimize space, the mirror cabinet can be extended to the top of the toilet. This creative arrangement fully utilizes the often neglected space above the toilet, making the most out of every square meter of the bathroom. This innovative approach not only adds storage capacity but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.
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Tips 8:Choose the right material of the bathroom cabinet that can last long.
When selecting a bathroom cabinet, it is crucial to consider certain precautions. Opting for materials such as waterproof board, 304 stainless steel, or aluminum is recommended as these materials are resistant to water damage and mold. However, if solid wood is preferred, it is advisable to divide the bathroom into dry and wet areas and maintain proper ventilation to prevent damage.
In conclusion, storage space in the bathroom can be optimized by utilizing the available options within the bathroom cabinet. By using storage hooks, extending the mirror cabinet, and following the necessary precautions, a tidy and spacious bathroom can be achieved.
Remember not to overlook the 1 square meter space provided by the bathroom cabinet and make the most of it by organizing and storing everything efficiently.
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Post time: Aug-12-2023