High-Quality Sintered Stone Bathroom Cabinets, Stylish 30 Inch Vanity Units, and Elegant Mirrors

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High-Quality Sintered Stone Bathroom Cabinets, Stylish 30 Inch Vanity Units, and Elegant Mirrors – Discover the Best Wholesale Deals Now!

Introducing our high-quality sintered stone bathroom cabinets, 30 inch vanity units, and elegant mirrors! We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of wholesale deals on these stylish and functional bathroom accessories, perfect for any modern home.


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White marble  and Armani slab color


Aluminum +Sintered stone + ceramic basin

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Wall mounted

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Main cabinet, mirror, shelf

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1.Our full rock slab bathroom cabinet is the star of the show, with a main cabinet size of 800x520x200mm and a high-quality ceramic basin liner.

2.The cabinet is divided into two layers, with the second layer measuring the same size as the main cabinet and equipped with several large drawers, making it a breeze to store all your bathroom essentials.

3.The cabinet body is made of Armani gray slate, making it both beautiful and easy to clean. The slate countertop is also wear-resistant, hygienic, and free from harmful substances.

4.We have used only the finest materials in our bathroom cabinets, including NSF food-grade surface certified slate. The countertop itself is made using white marble color slate, ensuring a high-end finish that will impress all your visitors.

5.Our bathroom cabinets are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, made using high-quality aluminum profiles that are both rust-resistant and moisture-free.

6.This means they will not develop mold or mildew, even in damp or humid environments.

7.They are also resistant to high temperatures and will release no toxic gases or odors, even under high-temperature combustion.

8.Furthermore, they are non-yellowing and non-fading, ensuring that they will retain their stunning appearance for years to come.

9.To complete your bathroom upgrade, we have also included a square mirror with LED light and beauty mirror, perfect for those who have makeup needs.

10.There is also a shelf, made from the same high-quality aluminum profile as the cabinet structure, convenient for storing daily or frequently used items.

11.Our 30 inch bathroom vanity units are designed with impeccable style and functionality in mind.

12.With a range of colors and finishes available, including sleek black and modern white, these vanity units are sure to fit with any bathroom decor. Their compact size makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms, while still providing ample storage space.

13.Our elegant mirrors are the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom renovation, available in a wide range of styles to suit any taste. From classic to contemporary, we have a mirror that will perfectly complement your new bathroom decor.

At our wholesale prices, you can afford to upgrade your entire bathroom without breaking the bank. So why wait? Discover our high-quality sintered stone bathroom cabinets, 30 inch vanity units, and elegant mirrors today and transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis!


Q: How can I start a business with Guliduo home?

A: We offer the following cooperation modes:
---Become a Guliduo retailer, where we provide special support policies and requirements to help you establish your business.
---Purchase from Guliduo as a distributor, where we offer different price supports based on your sales performance and assist you in growing your business.
---Introduce projects and retail orders and receive commissions.

Q: What about delivery service?

A: If you have experience in international importing and exporting, you can handle the delivery and shipment, and we will provide assistance whenever needed. If this is your first time importing from China, don’t worry, we will recommend a professional forwarder to help you arrange the shipment.

Q: What about the production time?

A: Sample orders takes about 3-7days,while mass production takes 30-40 days.

Q: Do you offer customized design?

A: Yes, we provide OEM and ODM services. With 16 years of OEM production experience, you can send us drawings, material colors, and sizes, and our design team will assist you with your project.

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